Beware of these motor scams!

Beware of these motor scams!

~Courtesy Hollard

We wish to bring to your attention vital information regarding industry-wide motor theft scams, courtesy of Hollard. In an era where criminals employ increasingly sophisticated tactics, it is essential to stay informed and vigilant to protect against potential threats.

The following highlights key scams affecting vehicle owners, ranging from vehicle recall schemes orchestrated by organised crime syndicates, to fraudsters posing as law enforcement officers.

We urge you to carefully review this information and, in the event of any suspicious activity, promptly report it to your Broker or insurer.

1. Vehicle recall scam

Well-organised crime syndicates continue to target customers who are the owners of expensive luxury cars of all major brands, approaching them through fake email notifications, text messages and telephone calls and purporting to be vehicle manufacturers or dealers.

The modus operandi is to inform the owner that their vehicle needs critical safety-recall work done and that it will be collected by a company representative. Customers should be warned that any such approach would be an attempt to defraud them by persuading them to hand over their vehicle to criminals.

On receiving such notification, car owners should immediately contact their dealership to check if the repair request is legitimate and, if not, to report the incident so action can be taken.

2. Fraudsters posing as police officers

As if being the target of car theft or a hijacking is not bad enough, people who fall victim to these crimes are frequently targeted by criminals pretending to be police officers, telling them their vehicles have been recovered in another province or near the border.

These fake police officers then ask for an amount of less than R5 000 for the vehicle to be “towed”, requesting that the payment is made via e-wallet or direct deposit at well-known supermarkets.

Do not make any such payments unless you have verified the details and amounts directly with your Broker. It’s important that you report any suspicious activity to your Broker or insurer as soon as possible.

3. Freeway blue-light gang

The third scam also relates to syndicates posing as police – this time, driving unmarked vehicles and attempting to pull over motorists with the aim of hijacking their vehicles.

Please be vigilant on the road. If you feel at risk, the best course of action would be to drive straight to the nearest police station.

In conclusion we urge you to stay informed, stay alert, and join us in the collective effort to combat fraud and ensure the safety of your assets. Please contact us directly when claiming and always be alert to the possibility of fraud, immediately reporting any suspicious approaches or activity.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please feel free to contact us on 014 592-1077, or email us at